Origin of the Club

Origins of Atlantis City Water Polo

Atlantis City Water Polo and Aquatics

The Origins of Atlantis City Water Polo

In December 2016 current Head Coach and founding member Angie Winstanley – Smith was approached by a small group of local parents and asked if she would consider starting a new water polo club within the central Auckland region. The feeling was there was a need to establish a club which had a focus on young women in sport and evolving basic water safety skills into water polo specific skills.

From a dedicated group of 15 founding members the Club has now grown to nearly 200 registered members playing, coaching and refereeing across several different age groups and programmes. In 2021 we appointed our first Head of Boys Program coach with the intention of growing the boys program to the same levels as the girls.


Our Values

Atlantis was established with the aim of giving every child an equal opportunity to achieve their potential.

Open communication, team work and shared vison are the core pillars that make Atlantis work.

All Atlantis stakeholders contribute to the success of the individual members, teams and ultimately the club as a whole.

We are a dedicated organisation who is passionate and committed to engaging the local community. We strive to challenge and inspire future generations with pride.


Our Numbers

Central Auckland Intermediate League

40 + teams

400 + Year 7 and 8 Children

15 Intermediate Schools


Neptune Program

200 + per year

Over 600 children have participated in the Neptune program since it started in 2017


Under 12 – Senior Club Members

200 + club members

International Representatives

Since our establishment we have had over 19 girls go on to represent New Zealand at an International Level.